“Something a bit like the track from that advert but with a bouncier beat, a beefier bass and softer vocals.”

Tell us your brief and we’ll make you a playlist. However wishy washy, however wild, however soon you need it. We know our catalogue inside out, and can help you find the right tracks quickly.

Email or call us: 020 3868 1933


Can’t quite find what you’re after? Fallen in love with a brilliant but out-of-budget track? Want something never-been-heard-before?

We’ll compose and produce a piece just for you. Or if you’ve found something that’s almost right, we can re-work tracks from our catalogue.

We have a little black book of award-winning composers, musicians and singers, and our own recording studio in King’s Cross. Which means you can be closely involved all the way from briefing to buffering.

Email or call us: 020 3868 1933


Online, offline, wherever the music takes you. We can give you a searchable hard drive containing our entire catalogue, so you can access all our music wherever you are.

Email or call us: 020 3868 1933


If you’re going global with a UK production, we’ll help you strip out the music and replace it with internationally cleared tracks. Send us your cue sheets and we’ll get back to you with a playlist of great alternatives.

Email or call us: 020 3868 1933


From changing the lyrics to reworking the instrumentation; adding new voiceovers to recording tracks from scratch. Our state-of-the-art studio in King’s Cross was designed by the guys behind Mark Ronson, Coldplay and Google’s, and is here for you to use.

Book a session with our in-house sound engineers to get started, or visit this page for tech spec and more.

Email or call us: 020 3868 1933