Cavendish Studio

Welcome to Cavendish Studio, a state of the art mixing and mastering facility located in the heart of Kings Cross in London. As an in-house facility we mix and master every album released on to the library; not only that but we are able to offer bespoke music production and post-production services for both existing and new clients. We have a small live room capable of housing a string quartet or drums; a perfect little room for tracking vocals, soloists and much more.



SSL Nucleus DAW Controller


Barefoot MM27’s (GEN1)

Yamaha HS-50

Auratone 5C Soundcube


Mac Pro 2014 (8 Core, 1TB SSD, 16Gb Ram)

Protools HDX1 with Avid 16×16 Analogue I/O Avid Sync HD

Microphones :

1 x Neuman M147

2x Neumann KM184

2x AKG414

1x Shure Beta 57

2x Shure Beta 58

1 x AKG D112

2 x Sennheiser MD 421


Mic Pre-Amps :

Neve 1073 DPA – 2 x microphone pre-amplifier

Neve 4081 – 4 x microphone pre-amplifier

UA LA610 Mk II – mic pre and compressor

SSL Nucleus – 2 x SuperAnalogue™ pre-amps

Digidesign Pre – 8 x  microphone pre-amplifier


Software :

Protools HD 12.7

Waves Mercury (v9.3)

Sonnox Elite (v2)

Altiverb 7

Abbey Road Brilliance Pack

Slate Digital – Everything Bundle

Izotope RX 3

Melodyne Editor

Eventide Anthology II Bundle



Zimmermann Upright Piano

Roland HP330 digital piano