We’ve joined hands with Bibliotheque Music!

10 September, 2019
We’ve joined hands with Bibliotheque Music!

Fiercely independent and super-talented with a top notch repertoire to prove it, they are like our effortlessly cool, better looking cousin. The one who knows where the hippest parties are at and has the best taste in music. So we are beyond excited that we can finally peg it to the top of the stairs and shout from the rooftops that Bibliotheque are coming to Cavendish.

Packed neatly into their metaphorical suitcase, Bibliotheque bring a stylish main catalogue, the sharp film & trailer treasure chest ‘IN PICTURES’, and their advertising & longform focused arm, ‘THE BOX’.

Available to listen, download & license from us today. If you have any questions or need hooking up with music for your projects, give us a shout at x

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