IN PRODUCTION: Add A Dusting Of Xmas With Taz’s Sleigh Bell Sample Pack

22 October, 2014

Everyone knows that if you need to make a song sound more Christmassy, you just need to add more sleigh bell, it’s like a festive and therefore much better version of the cowbell. Our Studio Manager Iain Roberton often recounts a tale of engineering the Hanson Christmas album, when the producer decided to hire every available sleigh bell in London. So yeah, it’s a big deal.

We’ve done so many bespoke jobs involving adding sleigh bells to up the tinsel-factor that we decided do go through some of our favourite winter warmers from the catalogue, and create alternate ‘more sleigh bell versions’. In fact our engineer Taz Mattar created a sleigh bell sample Kontakt patch to make the job easier and quicker, and we’ve decided to share it, so the world can pour Santa dust all over their own productions.

Here’s a link to a free download of Taz’s Christmas Sleigh Bells Kontakt patch

Of course if that isn’t enough, you could always go all out and purchase the amazing Santasizer 2.0…

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